Research suggests that social dominance may appear as a marker in the voice that is too low to be heard.
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The organization presenting the program is responsible for providing an audio-visual technician and the equipment for the program. Because I move quickly from one medium to another, the precise setup is critical. I will need an hour with the technician and the equipment in the room where the program takes place, to be sure that the audio and video work properly and can be seen and heard throughout the room.

For luncheon presentations of less than one hour, the technical requirements are different. Please contact us for details.

Technical Requirements

1. Video monitors or screen(s) clearly visible throughout the room

2. A high-quality computer projector connected to the video monitors or screen(s)

3. Speakers clearly audible throughout the room

4. A podium that I can clearly see over (I'm 5' tall); a standing podium is too tall, so a table podium set on a low table may work best

5. A lavalier mike so that I can move freely about the room

6. A hand-held mike for questions from the audience (for audiences over 50)

7. A chair set beside or in front of the podium for audience participants and demonstrations

8. If there is a stage, steps down from the front of the stage into the audience

9. An AV technician who will start, stop, and play the DVD and CD, and also dim the lights when necessary, from a location away from the stage. (A volunteer will be overwhelmed; this requires a pro!)

10. A glass of water with no ice.

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