Car companies are using machinery to standardize "new car" scent to improve new car sales.
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Written materials can be prepared for Professional Presence© at no additional charge. When you have identified the composition of your audience, I will work with you to prepare written materials of no more than 200 pages, specifically targeted to your audience.

You will be required to obtain reprint permission and to reproduce the materials for your audience. Since obtaining permissions can be a time-consuming process, it is wise to begin as soon as possible after the materials are received. I hold the copyright on many of the materials and I will certainly help in any way that I can to obtain permission, including providing you with contact information for obtaining permission.

For certain materials, including those reprinted from large circulation publications, permission fees can be expensive. If you prefer, I will provide a list of citations or web site addresses for these pieces.

For many professions, continuing education credit is available only if written materials are provided. Although I will work with you to obtain continuing education accreditation, I cannot guarantee that credit will be granted.

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