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Professional Presence® is a unique multimedia presentation, which I developed and copyrighted, that teaches you how to use the elements of professional communication to enhance your impact.

The presentation lasts 2 hours, with an additional hour for questions. Shorter presentations are available for luncheon programs, and all topics can be covered in a series of programs presented over a short period of time.

Content is based upon research and experience in the realm of communication. We draw from a wide range of academic and professional studies--from communication studies to graphic design to industrial design!

We can develop a program specifically for your firm or organization. We can work with you to identify topics of specific interest to your firm-- focusing for example on communication media, including the appropriate use of voice mail, e-mail, or the Internet.

Written or web-based materials or bibliographies targeted to specific topics or concerns are also available. For some professions, the program may be certified for continuing education credit.


Program Description

Professor Corinne Cooper will conduct a multimedia presentation entitled "Professional Presence." The program will introduce you to simple techniques to improve your communications skills and professional impact, through the use of voice, gesture, posture, and other communication tools. Through audio, video, graphics, and photographic examples, as well as audience participation, Professor Cooper will illustrate successful strategies for polishing your professional impact.

This is an opportunity to cultivate an effective professional image, improve your on-the-job performance, and approach professional presentations with new confidence. This program has been valuable to lawyers and other professionals, at every stage of professional development.

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