Brands developed to help buyers identify which guilds produced goods for sale in medieval markets.
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We provide a range of professional communication services including:

Communication consulting, including communication plan development, execution, and content composition for firms and businesses
Firm brand development and deployment
Communication consulting for start-ups, including pitch development for investors and clients
• The Professional Presence® Multimedia Presentation
Lobbying and grass-roots communication at the federal, state, local, or organizational level


Our Latest Work

The ABA Spanish Legal Phrasebook

Accurate communication between professionals and clients is critical. This is of particular concern when there are language and cultural differences. This book is designed specifically for professionals who need to communicate with Spanish speakers about U.S. law.

This pocket-sized guide identifies common American legal phrases and concepts and provides an accurate Spanish translation. The book is divided into sections based on substantive areas of law including criminal law, family law, labor and employment law, personal injury and medical malpractice, immigration, bankruptcy, and business law. Whether or not you are bilingual, if you have Spanish-speaking clients, this book is the one reference you'll use every day to improve your client communications.

Professional Presence wins two APEX Awards!

Professional Presence is four for three: We received APEX Awards in 2008, 2009, and two in 2010. This year, we won for the logos and brochures we created for The Morris Dees Justice Award, and also in One-of-a-Kind Print Publications for a postcard we created for DrinkerBiddle.

In 2009, we won an award for corporate identify for the brand and brand assets we created for KnowConnect. In 2008, our brochure for Seton Hall Law School won for One-of-a-Kind Print Publications.



Put simply, we help you and your organization communicate more effectively. We assemble the perfect team of trained communication professionals, graphic designers, web developers, Flash programmers, copywriters, and publication experts to meet your professional communication needs.

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