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Case Study

Client: Seton Hall University School of Law
Services Provided: Strategic consulting, branding, print and web design, and text for a $25 million capital campaign.
Awards: APEX AwardThe campaign brochure won a 2008 APEX Award for Excellence in One-of-a-Kind Publications.

The client came to us seeking print and web design, as well as text, for a capital campaign. We were asked to develop the campaign brand, logo, tagline, and a 16-page fundraising brochure, with text and design that could be translated easily to the web.


The campaign brand had to incorporate the significant achievements that the law school had already attained, while encouraging donor participation in the next phase of the law school’s growth. We named the campaign Seton Hall|Law Rising to encompass both recent and future progress.

Seton Hall LogoThe logo is built upon elevator buttons, where the only direction is up! We used the law school building itself as an essential design element, incorporating visual and verbal references to stairs and heights, as a metaphor for growth and achievement.

Tagline: A simple, declarative tagline was essential. So we told the reader exactly what the brand was about: A $25 million capital campaign.
Fonts: The logo incorporates the client’s current logo font, a simple Helvetica in two weights. To add contrast to the publication and website, we used a cursive font to display quotations representing the law school’s aspirations.
Color Palette: The brand incorporates Seton Hall’s traditional blue and adds grass green, representing the aspirations for growth that campaign contributions will fund.
Design Elements:

For each of the campaign’s six priorities, we created an icon based on the elevator buttons of the logo. These served as section headers in the print brochure and navigation elements on the website.

The brochure was designed in a landscape format, making the transition to the web easy for law school staff to accomplish.

Communication Elements:

The “rising” concept is translated into visual form repeatedly in the publication, from the stair-step die cut of the overleaf to the gradual rise in the cursive quotations from the front to the back of the book.

A key communication decision was the use of quotations by law school alumni and other supporters, which highlighted the school’s excellence, and identified their motivations for supporting the campaign.

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