Up to 90% of the meaning of all communication comes from information other than words.
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What is a firm brand?
What a firm brand will do
Elements of a firm brand
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Apex Award 2010

Professional Presence wins two APEX Awards!

In 2010, Professional Presence won two APEX Awards. One was awarded for the logos and brochures we created for The Morris Dees Justice Award. We also won One-of-a-Kind Print Publications for a postcard we created for DrinkerBiddle.

Let us design an award-winning communication for your organization.

Apex Award 2009

Professional Presence wins 2009 APEX Award!

Professional Presence received an APEX Award of Excellence in 2009 for the brand and brand assets we created for KnowConnect.

Professional Presence wins 2008 APEX Award!

Professional Presence has received an APEX Award of Excellence for One-of-a-Kind Print Publications. Read more.

New book from Professional Presence!

Let Professional Presence work with you to develop a brand for your firm or organization.

What is a firm brand?

A firm or organization, like a product, can create a distinctive “brand identity.” You want your target market to identify your firm with the work that you do, and a firm brand helps your target audience understand your organization quickly and reliably.

The goal of a firm brand is to:
· Convey a single message about your firm
· Brand all of your firm products and communications with that message

In developing your firm brand, we will work with you to:

· Identify the appropriate single message about your firm or organization
· Define a brand that conveys that message
· Develop a plan to consistently communicate the firm brand to your audience
· Implement the brand across all products and platforms.

What a firm brand will do

1. Identify the firm as the source of the product
2. Increase recognition, attention, and response, quickly separating your product and message from communication “clutter”
3. Raise the value of your brand as a source of desirable products and information, creating and increasing brand loyalty

Elements of a firm brand

Element Example
Firm Name: Professional Presence®
Tag Line: Communication Consulting
Color Palette: A single or set of colors used repeatedly in connection with the brand. The use of red on this website is an example of a color palette
Design Template: A set of design elements used repeatedly to reinforce the brand and to assure identification of every firm product with the firm.
The red “box to dot” element, and the buttons are elements of our design template that appear on all our products and communications.

Click here for a case study from Corinne's new book, How to Build a Law Firm Brand.


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