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Case Study

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Firm Name: Dirt Ventures LLC
Services Provided: Branding and startup services, print package, and signs.

The client, a new real estate company, handles undeveloped land exclusively. We were hired to create the firm name, logo, and tagline, as well as print materials and signs.

Brand Name: The client came to us with a few suggested names, but felt they seemed generic. We wanted to avoid the self-importance of other developers’ brands by choosing a self-deprecating—yet highly descriptive—name. We proposed Dirt Ventures and the client loved it.
Logo: The logo juxtaposes two familiar desert images: cracked earth coupled with the potential represented by a single, bright green sprout. The dirt graphic also creates a horizon upon which other elements may rest.
Tag Line: The tagline builds on the wry understatement of the firm name. It’s both humorous and descriptive. When coupled with the firm name, it creates a memorable brand.
Fonts: We chose simple sans serif fonts with very clear numbers, since visibility of the phone number is key on real estate signs.
Color Palette:

To maintain the humility of the brand, we avoided black, and selected a two-color palette in brown and green, to embody both land and growth. We encouraged the client to use brown in his printed text as well. With the proliferation of color printers, it’s easy to get away from black text entirely. It works well as long as the color is dark and easily readable. The selected dark brown works well as text on a white background.

We chose a duplex cardstock of khaki and white for the business cards, repeating these colors with khaki envelopes and white letterhead. We built a custom portfolio from the cardstock with a khaki exterior and white interior, held together with a brown elastic band.

Design Elements:

On the website, in print, and in PowerPoint presentations, the sprout grows from a seedling to its full height, as the reader moves through the text, representing the movement from purchase of raw land to development. It can also be used as a bullet.

We often couple the logo in print with a wide, brown bar, with the text printed in reverse.

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