Brands developed to help buyers identify which guilds produced goods for sale in medieval markets.
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Case Study

Client: Connelly Sheehan Harris LLP
Services Provided: Strategic consulting, branding, print, flash, and web design for a boutique labor law firm.

The client represented management exclusively in labor and employment law matters. Their logo didn’t communicate anything about their services. It was generic.

The client wanted to make clear that their practice was limited to labor law, and that their expertise offered efficient problem resolution. They wanted a brand and website that communicated not only about their focused expertise, but also their personality. The firm felt that their upbeat attitude and commitment to fun was as important to their message as their ability to deliver excellent legal services.

Tagline: To convey their special expertise, the client chose the tagline, “The Employers’ Lawyers.”
Logo: We created a logo called “Round Peg, Round Hole” to convey to the target audience the importance of hiring a law firm with the right expertise. The firm name is presented first in a stacked logo with an open “O”, and a red peg below, representing the solution. The logo is later presented in a horizontal format with the peg in the hole, showing the problem solved. CSH Logo
  CSH Logo
Flash: A 20-second flash introduction to the website illustrated this point, animating the peg to show it jumping into the hole, while text asked, “Shouldn’t your law firm be just right for you?” and delivered the answer, “Round peg, round hole.”

The website built upon this personality and sense of humor. Bios asked questions like, “If you were on the cover of a magazine, what would it be?” Each attorney’s bio included a MyPod section that offered five songs they particularly liked. Even the peg had a MyPod page, and many clients were surprised to find a lawyer with similar taste in music.

Red Peg gradually took on a life of his own. It has appeared as a push pin, a Christmas ornament, in an animated peg game, a bell, a buzzer, and even as a member of the firm, complete with MyPod selections and an “easter egg” bio.

Firm Brochure:

The firm wanted a brochure that could be updated and customized for each potential client,
so we recommended a CD that could include attorney bios, information about relevant cases,
articles, and even briefs on topics of interest. We also programmed the firm’s flash to open the
CD, before taking clients to the text files. The CD included the logo and the phrase (from the
flash) “Shouldn’t your law firm be just right for you?”

To professionalize the presentation, we created a custom die-cut CD case with the stacked logo
on the cover, and the horizontal logo on the back, again moving from problem to solution. An
8-page brochure was designed as a CD insert. The cover shows the open hole. On the first
page, the hole is enormous, but it becomes smaller as the reader moves through the brochure,
until the problem is resolved on the back cover: the peg becomes a doorbell, accompanied by
the text, “Give us a buzz.”

The text of the brochure reiterated the key messages of the communication plan:

  • The firm’s deep specialization permitted it to address and resolve client problems cost-effectively, quickly, and successfully.
  • The firm’s lawyers did not take themselves too seriously and enjoyed their work.

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