Up to 90% of the meaning of all communication comes from information other than words.
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As a professional, nothing is more important to your career than your communication skill. Substantive knowledge is not enough; you also need the delivery of a polished professional.

Just as a professional trainer can help you to learn more about your sport, a communication coach will help you hone your skill as a communicator. We can teach you more about the nature of communication, work with you on specific communication issues, help you to develop and give a speech or presentation. We work to improve:

• written or oral communication
• informal or formal.

Whether you are just beginning your professional career, or you a seasoned professional, communication coaching can improve your impact and polish your image.

Through the use of video and audio tape, we identify communication issues and help you to solve them. We have experience improving voice, diction, syntax, and paralanguage: ridding your communication of those irritating "uhs" and "y’knows."

We also provide speech writing and content-development for individuals and firms.

Communication coaching is $300 per hour, plus expenses. Training packages are available at reduced rates.

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