Children as young as 3 years old can correctly interpret the meaning of a video clip with no sound.
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Five Provocations
ALI-ABA/ACLEA CLE Summit October 15, 2009


Panelists Predict Change That Will Shake Up the Legal Profession October 21, 2009

  Attorney Liability in Bankruptcy
ABA February 2006
  New Law Raises Stakes for Debtors' Attorneys
New York Law Review, October 14, 2005
  Nine Traps and One Slap
79 Am. Bankr. L. J. 283 (2005)
  The Guiding Light
The Oregonian, Sun, July 3, 2005
  How to Build a Law Firm Brand
ABA Books, April 2005
  "An Apology"
Arizona Attorney, December, 2003
  "Communication Tips for Women"
GP|Solo - January/February 2003
  "An odious bankruptcy measure"
Kansas City Star, Sun, Aug 11, 2002
  "Business Scents", Dec 14, 2001
"Letter to a Young Law Student"
35 Tulsa L.J. 275 (2000)
  "Teaching Associates to Make Mistakes"
Law Practice Management, July/August, 1993

"Every Trip is Not a Tort"
Wall Street Journal, May 18, 1987


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